Casa Ciomod is a project that borns by the desire to create something simple, that tastes like normality, and unique at the same time.
House and food represent elements surrounded by the routine’s habits, in Casa Ciomod everything find its natural dimension in a dynamic custom of good food, of slow food, of conviviality and of hospitality: we want to put ourselves to the test sitting down at the table. In this place you can enter in our home: banish formalism and pleasantries and let us to guide you in a simple travel of flavors that speak about the soul of our territory, passing by the senses, to conquer the body and talk with your mind. We will not speak about elaborate courses or about an extremely researched kitchen: we draw the inspiration from the recipes of the grandmothers and mothers, from the families reunited around a table on Sunday to lunch, from all of things that the tradition has teached us and has given us, and from all the simple ingredients that our earth generously offers us.
The simplicity and the genuineness of the raw materials that we use are our starting point, and you will find these two ingredients in every recipe and in every dish that we will cook for you.
We do not want to speak to you of misused Km 0, but rather of the Km 25711. If you are wondering what we refer with this number, that nothing won’t probably say you, we immediately tell you that, there that number points out the square surface of Sicily, our earth’ extension: our food becomes geographic food in a characteristic and characterizing proposal for our region, not only for our specific district. The products that we use are in facts all sicilian products, some of which boast the protection of slow food and many of which don’t need so many presentations. Probably it is from the love for the good food and for our land, for the desire of conviviality and for the innate sense of hospitality that the project of Casa Ciomod was born. When we have begun to conceive the project, a thing was clear: our place would have had to resemble a real house in which you dine in relax, sipping a glass of good wine seated on one armchair in a retro style, positioned in front of the fireplace, in which you can skim through a book on the couch with a background music, or in which you can reunite with friends for an evening of laughter or confidences. Hoping to stimulate your curiosity and imagination, to recall tastes already impressed in your memory or to make to discover other new and amazing, to involve you in our project in an intimate and informal environment, we wait for you to give you ours best welcome to Casa Ciomod.

The emotion of simple and true things accompanied by a smile.

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