Chocolate School:

Cut out inside the spaces of Casa Ciomod, a small chocolate’ s laboratory of Dolci Fonderie entertains our didactic activities. During the activities you will have the opportunity to learn the history of Modica’s Chocolate, the origins and the production of cocoa. Using only handicraft methods, the chocolate maintains unchanged its own characteristics, perfumes as well as the organoleptic features. During our chocolate classes we are going to guide you through an historic excursus on the origins of the product, on the nutritional value and the work techniques; it will be possible to create, with your hands, own bar of Chocolate. A workshop, for adults and for children, where the use of 5 senses will open the doors to a world composed by colors, scents, sounds and tastes. What characterised Ciomod is the love and the cure of details, that can be seen in every our activity and product.

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