Chocolate and Liquor  

Ciomod was founded in Modica in 2003 by a project of Innocenzo Pluchino.

As the Sicilian traditions want, we (of Casa Ciomod) are proud of our land and we have chosen to be "brave" and stay here instead to go abroad, choosing our land everyday, feeling (on the contrary) the responsibility to contribute to make our land known. We are convinced to live in a magic place and, using the best ingredients like the respect of our history and a meticulous search of matters, we work hard to present our territory to the public which will appreciate the essence. Immediately the idea was clear: tradition and innovation of the packaging of the product had to coexist to propose it on the market. We tried to Create an original packaging (attractive, fashionable and with a design) and put on it the sicilian tradition and the innovation together: this was and continue to be the challenge of Ciomod. Invented and stabilized the first production of Modica’ Chocolate, our energy splitted to create a “liquid” alternative: our first liquor was born, a Chocolate liquor. The laboratory of liquors, of our ownership, is a little factory and it is steadily increasing, focusing on the quality of the product. The finished product is the result of an accurate choice of raw materials that identify “our Sicily”.
The famous liquor with the Chocolate of Modica has been the first one of the specialties that we now boast on the market. From different packaging of Chocolate liquors, gradually, have been created different types of liquor, we started to produce: Almond liquor, Pistachio liquor, wild Fennel liquor, Cinnamon liquor and Carob liquor. The bottle, the label, the ribbon, that complete the wrapping of the liquor are chosen carefully to put the product onto the market, a product with the strength of quality and with an aesthetics of elegance and simplicity.
After 10 years of activity, our commitment, towards a positive and regular growth, doesn’t stop.
In the last few years, Ciomod choose to invest not only in a big range of product, but also (and especially) in our territory trying to express it through new channels: HOSPITALITY and RECEPTION; we consider, before to sell a product, we sell ourselves, our identity and our way to welcome.
And that is how our home, CASA CIOMOD, was born. Ciomod headquarters is a place where you can live like a real house. This is the idea of Sicilian life that gives us a 360 degree view: from the production to the sale of the regional typical products, to the experience dining and sipping a glass of wine in Casa Ciomod.
Made up of production, laboratory and offices, the staff of Ciomod goes fast, writes, replies, deals with numbers and shippings, and, at the same time, deals with recipes, reception, suggests and pay attention to the customers.


The average age of the crew members is under 30 years, the team embraced the Ciomod's project , starts to be part of a family, accepting our corporate philosophy. Always motivated and with a lot of energy to do, the crew embraced new challenges and is ready to catch all the opportunities of development that will arise in the future: our team thinks CIOMOD!


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