Chocolate and Liquor  

Ciomod was founded in Modica, Sicily in 2003 by local entrepreneur - Innocenzo Pluchino.
The idea was clear from the start, tradition fused with innovation!
Innocenzo and his team created a product with original packaging (attractive, fashionable and with a design) This concept was then mixed with Sicilian tradition. This was and continues to be the challenge of Ciomod.

Ciomod’s first project was to produce it’s own brand of Modica chocolate. This is a specialist product with 400 years of history and tradition. Chocolate bars made this way are the world’s first chocolate bars - a fact that large scale producers such as Cadbury’s have tried to remove from history!

Modica chocolate makers stick to the same techniques that were brought to Sicily by the Spanish, who had witnessed the Aztecs making chocolate in what is now Mexico! The cocoa and sugar are mixed together at much lower temperatures so that the sugar does not melt. This makes for a cruncher consistency alongside a stronger cocoa flavour as these elements are usually lost when mixed at higher heat.

These fundamental methods are used to make each of Ciomod’s 20+ chocolate bars, alongside locally sourced Sicilian ingredients such as Pistachio, Mandarin and Sesame.

Not long after their chocolate was on the market, Innocenzo and his team’s energy went into creating a liquid chocolate alternative! Ciomod’s first chocolate liqueur was born. The finished product is the result of an accurate choice of raw materials that identify Sicily.

This now famous Chocolate Liqueur was the first of many alcoholic specialties that are now produced by Ciomod. These include Almond Cream, Pistachio Cream, Wild Fennel, Cinnamon and Carob to name a few! The bottle, the label, the ribbon, that complete the wrapping of the liqueurs are chosen carefully. This is a product of quality with the aesthetics of elegance and simplicity.

After almost 20 years of activity, Ciomod’s commitment towards growth doesn’t stop.

Casa Ciomod - Ciomod’s headquarters is an attractive stylish villa in Modica. Chocolate is hand crafted here in the small factory. This is the idea of Sicilian life that gives a 360 degree view: from production to sale, from bean to bar! 

The staff of Ciomod are like a small family, with the average age under 30. All are motivated, committed and dedicated. They pride themselves on customer service and quality produce!

You can now enjoy the delights of Ciomod in the UK for yourself from the UK online store - and if you are in ever in Modica, be sure to visit the Ciomod Terrazza shop in Modica Alto for extraordinary views alongside chocolate products :)


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